Tuesday, December 8, 2015

South Koreans protesting Japan: AGAIN

South Koreans protesting Japan: AGAIN

Some South Koreans in Seoul protested Japan near the Japanese Embassy.  They were protesting the Japanese whaling fleet sailing to the Southern Ocean to initiate another whaling season.  These protesters claim they are environmentalist.  In essence they are anti-Japanese, a bunch dedicated to Japan Bashing.  If they truly cared about the whales they would be protesting South Korean fishermen.

The South Koreans “bycatch whaling” which is basically claiming to have caught whales by accident.  That is when a South Korean catch in their nets a whale by accident, that whale is then okay to sell because it was an accident.  In 2012 the South Koreans had 2,350 such accidents, meaning 2,350 dead whales.  Also meaning 2,350 whales removed from the oceans. 

These protesting South Koreans in Seoul are hiding behind the whaling issue to demonstrate their hate for Japan. 

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