Sunday, December 6, 2015

Equality of Political Correctness is a hallucination

Equality of Political Correctness is a hallucination

Hillary Rotten Clinton (Hillary Clinton - Bill’s wife) used the term “illegal immigrants” in reference to those who are in the United State illegally.  For using the correct labeling of these law-breakers, Bill’s wife (Hillary Clinton) was admonished by the PC Police (Politically Correct mafia).  Cowering to these bullies, Bill’s wife (Hillary Clinton) agreed to never use the term “illegal” in reference to those who enter the United States illegally. 

What Hillary (Bill’s wife) is in essence declaring is all immigrants who enter the United States legally are no different than those who arrive illegally or those who betray the trust of a visa and stay beyond the expiration.  The politically correct thugs are in charge of the language and responsible for the total degradation of the nation.      

In the November 25th, 2015 edition of The Dallas Morning News (DMN) appeared a column along with the Hillary Rotten Clinton (Bill’s wife) no “illegal” article.  The column titled:

“Clothes make the man and women unequal.” 

It was written by Doctor Gina Barreca an English professor and “feminist scholar” at the University of Connecticut. 

Simply put Dr. Barreca’s column was an exercise in political correctness admonishing clothing retailers.  Mrs. Barreca took issue with clothing descriptions being either male-centric for men’s clothing or female-centric for women’s clothing.  Duh? 

Question for Dr. Gina Barreca, feminists, and the political correct bullies:  If there is no difference between a man and a woman then how come there are men and women and not just men or just women?  Hmm?  

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