Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Republican betrayal

Republican betrayal

In the last two mid-term elections the voters gave the Republicans a majority in the Congress.  The Republicans campaigned they needed to be elected to stop President Obama’s agenda.  Now that Republicans are the majority in both the Senate and House of Representatives what have they done?  Nothing!  Absolutely nothing to stop Obama’s agenda.

In fact recently the spending legislation passed by the Republican majority House of Representatives fully funded all aspects of the Obama agenda.  This is and was a gross betrayal by Republicans of the electorate.

Democrats are expected to behave as Democrats.  The setback is when Republicans behave like Democrats.  So why vote for a make-believe Democrat masquerading as a Republican when one can vote for the real thing and vote Democrat?

Donald Trump’s support is anchored in this Republican betrayal.  Mr. Trump is popular because he is not one of “them.”  The “them” being:

-          1) The political class
-           2)  Democrat
-           3) Republican establishment

The Donald is also free of political correctness and triumphs over the bias news media.

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