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Sea Shepherd’s 2015 Success and Failures?

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Sea Shepherd’s 2015 Success and Failures?

This video is a review of Sea Shepherd’s successes and failures for the year 2015.   Oops, sorry there were no successes in 2015, so this video is limited to just reviewing Sea Shepherd’s multiple failures.

-          The year started with the parliament in the Faroe Islands restricting Sea Shepherd’s activities in the islands.  FAILURE!

-          When Sea Shepherd arrived in the Faroe Islands the clowns held a press conference.  No one showed up to ask questions.  FAILURE!

-          Sea Shepherd’s minions ignored the new Faroese laws and a number of the floating circus clowns got arrested resulting in deportations.  FAILURE!

-          While the clowns, the self-proclaimed protectors of the whales, were being arrested many whales were dragged on the beaches, slaughtered, and slice up providing free food for the Faroese.  Not one whale was saved in the Faroe Islands by Sea Shepherd disposable minions.  FAILURE!

-          A dissatisfied member of Sea Shepherd’s disposable land crew in the Faroe Islands started forwarding Sea Shepherd’s internal email to a Faroese to be made public.  FAILURE!

-          In the United States the Japanese whalers won a law suit filed against Sea Shepherd rewarding them with over two-million dollars of Sea Shepherd’s money.  Correction: it was money from suckers who donate to the cult group.  FAILURE!

-          Ady Gil of California also won a law suit against Sea Shepherd awarding him over five-hundred thousand dollars.  FAILURE!

-          Japanese authorities have been deporting Sea Shepherd clowns arriving in Japan attempting to travel to Taiji, Japan to harass the locals.  FAILURE!

-          As a result of these deportations in Taiji, Japan where anywhere from ten to fifteen Sea Shepherd clowns could be found harassing the locals, now there are only around three.  FAILURE!

-          Paul Watson the criminal cult leader applied to Greenpeace to be their executive director.  After two interviews he was rejected.  Thus elevating him to a Greenpeace reject.  FAILURE!

-          Most disturbing of the criminal cult leaders activities has to be his devotion to wearing Japanese cosplay costumes.  He has been wearing an admiral’s uniform at various functions in France,   illustrating a pathetic state of mind.  FAILURE!

-          Flea Face and family have abandoned ship and deep sixth Sea Shepherd by quitting.  FAILURE!

No success just failure.  A plea to the suckers who donate to Sea Shepherd:  Please continue throughout 2016 to be generous in donations to them.  The cult group needs your money to pay for pending lawsuits, providing for the criminal cult leaders luxurious lifestyle in Paris, France.  Plus by your continued monetary support of Sea Shepherd a residual provides material for these videos.      

Link to Watson’s Facelessbook page.  See October 14 for photographs of him in costume with a real
honest to-goodness French Admiral:

Link to photographs of Watson in his costume at a previous what seems to be a costume party:

Link to Sea Shepherd claiming they will interdict the Japanese whaling fleet (see the last paragraph):

Link to donate to Sea Shepherd:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

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