Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Bon Voyage Sea Shepherd

Bon Voyage Sea Shepherd

The Japanese whale fleet left for the Southern Ocean on 1 December 2015.  This irritated Sea Shepherd Australia.  Apparently Cabin Boy is the Chairperson of Sea Shepherd Australia and that group made the following empty pronouncement:

Sea Shepherd Bon Voyage
“Sea Shepherd is an anti-poaching organization. We are ready to find, document, report on and where possible intervene against poaching operations that threaten the precious balance of life in the Southern Ocean; whatever form those poachers might take, whatever life they threaten. If Sea Shepherd comes across criminal activity, then our history speaks for itself. We will, as always, directly intervene to prevent that crime from taking place.”

The only reported rust-bucket garbage scow belonging to Sea Shepherd in Australia is the MY Steve Irwin.  That rust bucket is forty years old and time to be replaced.  To decommission a vessel is expensive.  A good way to avoid that expense is to have that vessel confiscated.  Such as Sea Shepherd tried in the summer of 2014 when they attempted to get the garbage scow Bob Barker confiscated by the Faroese authorities to save decommission fees.  However the Faroese were too smart to fall for a Sea Shepherd trick. 

By sending the MY Steve Irwin to harass the Japanese fleet if it gets confiscated then Sea Shepherd can scream the evil Japanese stole their vessel and need suckers to donate money for a replacement.  The true test to this theory is if Cabin Boy boards the MY Steve Irwin heading for the Southern Ocean.  Cabin Boy is not one of the Sea Shepherd disposables, hence if he is on the MY Steve Irwin, then no subterfuge is planned.  However if he is not on board the garbage scow then it is obvious what their plan is.   

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