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An analysis of the Comfort Women deal

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An analysis of the Comfort Women deal

In an effort to put the Comfort Women issue to rest, Japan agreed to demands placed by South Korean President Park Geun-hye.  Japan will pay a little over eight million dollars to a South Korean Comfort Women fund.  Plus Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will issue a “sincere” apology. 

This announcement was greeted with approval by the President Park Geun-hye administration and President Obama’s administration.  However not all approved.  Many in Japan are upset over this capitulation.  President Park's opposition political party is critical of this agreement as well as the current so-called Comfort Women.  These so-called Comfort Women are upset the eight million dollars is going to a fund and not directly to them.  They are demanding Japan pay money directly to them. 

There seems to be a whole lot of upset people over this deal on both sides of the Sea of Japan (the Koreas are on the west side, Japan on the east side).    Why did Japan’s Prime Minister Abe agree to such a controversial deal?

Prime Minister Abe’s foreign policy initiatives have been brilliant. Foreign policy text books could be written using his initiatives as good examples.  This Comfort Women deal could or should be one of those excellent examples.

The Obama administration was exasperated by the rift between South Korea and Japan over the Comfort Women issue.  President Obama met with both President Park and Prime Minister Abe.  It must have been easy for him to tell which of the two is reasonable and which one is fanatically driven. 

President Obama is aware the Chinese will continue to conduct aggressive actions in Asia.  When China moves against Taiwan, or the Senkaku Islands, or the Philippines again, Obama would want a unified allied response to either deter or rebuff Chinese aggression.  This allied unity was abolished by South Korea President Park with her desire to vilify Japan.  She kept demanding Japan apologize and pay money.

Recognizing Shinzo Abe as the adult in the room and Park Geun-hye relegated to the playpen, President Obama most likely requested Mr. Abe to give in to the lunatic of South Korea and her unreasonable demands.  Looking at the big picture and without blinders Prime Minister Abe agreed. 

This unity is needed for the security of Asia and most notably Japan.  Now that Prime Minister Abe satisfied President Park’s demands she now has no choice be to cooperate with any allied actions. 

China’s economy is sliding downward.  As people are thrown out of work their anger will be directed to the Communist in Beijing.  In order to divert this anger the Communist will have to create a flash point in Asia to redirect that anger.  President Obama and Prime Minister Abe fully appreciate the dangers here while President Park minimized the dangers in favor of stoking the flames of hate towards Japan over the Comfort Women issue.  Now that fuel has been neutralized it leaves her no choice but to comply.             

Many people in Japan are upset over the deal rightfully stating apologies have already been issued and money already paid to these extortionists.  Also what is to stop them from coming again as they did in the past and demand additional money and another “sincere” apology?  Understand this when it comes to national budgets on the scale of the Japan and the USA, eight million dollars is a mere drop in the ocean.  Plus this latest apology all though sincere as issued by Prime Minister Abe is meaningless.  It is meaningless because it follows over fifty apologies that preceded this one.  Examining it through this angle clearly illustrates Prime Minister Abe gave up little to nothing, while President Park lost her sole reason validating her time in office. 

Let the people of South Korea bellow at this deal and express their displeasure towards their president both from the opposition political party, the so-called Comfort Women, and their Mafia like supporters.  The people in Japan are urged to remain united in support of their Prime Minister while turmoil over this deal grows on the west side of the Sea of Japan.        

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