Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Flea Face is missing

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  Flea Face is missing

Flea Face of the cult group, the floating circus Sea Shepherd is missing.  His two daughters Elora West (Elora M. West) and Susanne West (Suzanne Boscovich) left Sea Shepherd.  Elora resigned and Suzanne seems to have joined the floating circus rival in Taiji, the Dolphin Project.  The Dolphin Project established by Ric O’Barry who is reported to have had a serious disagreement with Paul Watson.

Side note:  Currently in Taiji, Japan is a “thing” who was deported from the Faroe Islands and made it through to get into Japan.  Currently that mistake is being corrected. 

Similar to the above a bit more colorful:

One of the chief false bravado elites of the Floating Circus, Flea Face himself is missing.  Rumor has it he resigned from the cult group and took his fleas with him.   One daughter resigned from the Floating Circus, while the other one jumped ship and joined another pretend animal rights group.  

Flea Face has been one of the chief antagonists towards the Japanese in Taiji.  Recently he attempted to perform the same circus act in the Faroe Islands only to wind up a dismal failure.  Many of the elites of the Float Circus are upset with the criminal cult leader and having to may multiple lawsuit damages.   

Here is the link to Sea Shepherd’s website where you can donate money.  Please give until it hurts so the rest of us can hurt while laughing:
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