Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sea Shepherd's Valentine Day surprise

Sea Shepherd’s Valentine Day surprise

December, 2012 the United States Circuit Court of Appeals issues an injunction restricting Sea Shepherd’s activities in relation to the Japanese whaling mariners.  The injunction resulted from a request asked of the court by Japan’s Institute of Cetacean Research, the ICR. 

The injunction prohibits Sea Shepherd from entering within five-hundred yards of the Japanese whaling vessels.  After the injunction was issued Sea Shepherd claimed the injunction was invalid / ineffective because:

1 - A U.S. court has no jurisdiction in the Southern Ocean
2 – Sea Shepherd’s rust bucket garbage scows are not registered in the USA placing them out of reach of a U.S. court injunction.  The four vessels:  Bob Barker, Sam Simon, Steve Irwin, Brigitte Bardot.

After all of Sea Shepherd’s bravado in reference to the injunction, two months later their flea-face Scott announced they were requesting the United States Supreme Court to reverse the injunction.

If a U.S. court, according to Sea Shepherd has no jurisdiction in the Southern Ocean or over the four rust bucket garbage scows, then why did Sea Shepherd request the reversal of the injunction?  

Valentine Day, February 14, 2013:  The United States Supreme Court rejected Sea Shepherd’s request, the injunction remains in place.

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day Sea Shepherd.

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