Sunday, February 24, 2013

Is Watson runnning again?

Guess who may be sailing back to the safety of Australian waters?

The Japanese military icebreaker Shirase (Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force- JMSDF) is sailing to the Southern Ocean to help the whaling fleet.  The Shirase is 12,500 tons, has a crew of 250, and three helicopters.  This is one formable vessel in comparison to the toy vessels belonging to Sea Shepherd.
That large swishing sound you hear in the Southern Ocean is Sea Shepherd’s Steve Irwin with the fugitive Watson hiding in the bowels, headed back to the safety of Australian waters. 

Is Watson running again? 
Watson running again?

Sea Shepherd have been crying and begging for an Australian military vessel and instead are getting a Japanese military vessel – ha ha ha. 

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Anonymous said...

Pauls hiding really? Looks to me that the three SS ships are surrounding the Sun Laurel to prevent the illegal refueling below 60 deg south. They are in now way headed back to Australia. Get your damn facts straight.