Monday, February 18, 2013

America lost

America lost

This channel at one time was dedicated mainly to America issues, however of late not that many.  Reason being a developed aversion due to the results of the past presidential elections in November, of 2012. 

President Obama being elected in 2008 could have been rationalized due to its historical aspect and after eight years of vilifying President Bush, Republicans, and conservatives by the American news media, academia, and the perverts in Hollywood.

The 2012 presidential election President Obama gets reelected after four disastrous years in office.  The day after the election many conservatives, patriots, and people of faith woke up in a fetal position in total shock with the results.  Not so much that President Obama got reelected, but for the reason it happened, why it happened, and how it happened.  All illustrating America lost in the last election.  The America as created with founding principles is the America that lost.  The free-loaders, extreme liberals, socialist, and hate-America crowd won. 

Subconsciously the desire to post American related videos also took a hit on this channel.  The America we see today is the result of forty years of political correctness and liberal destructive policies.  It will take another forty years to bring America back to its founding.  This channel will not be around in forty years, however will enjoy the road traveling towards that goal. 

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