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Returning flags to Japan

Returning flags to Japan

During World War Two it was the custom in Japan for family and friends to write on the white background of the Japanese flags words of inspiration and present the flag to soldiers departing for battle. 
WWII Japanese Flag Hinomaru Yosegaki
After a battle many of these flags were removed from the bodies by Americans and kept as souvenirs.  Many men of the World War Two generation are elderly and passing on.  The relatives going through the items belonging to these deceased veterans are coming across the Japanese flags known as Hinomaru Yosegaki.  Many are being sold on eBay. 

The families of the Japanese soldiers having nothing of their departed relatives see these flags as a connection to their deceased relatives.  These flags have a special, spiritual connection and the families would like to have the flags returned.  If you have one of these flags perhaps you would think about returning the flag to Japan. 

Shun in Japan is willing to help facilitate this transfer.  Please take a photograph of the flag and email the photograph to him.  Shun will read the inscription to determine the soldier’s name and hometown.  After making contact with the family, arrangements can be made to return the flag to the family.

Many nations around the world absolutely hate the USA, both their governments and their people.  The people of Japan do like America and Americans, probably more so than any other populace.  Japan is a trusted friend and ally to the USA.  Returning these flags will show the friendship is appreciated and respected.            

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