Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sea Shepherd driven by pure hate for Japan

Sea Shepherd driven by pure hate for Japan
Currently in Taiji, Japan a group of Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardian are there harassing the locals concerning the dolphin activity in the village.  The Cove Guardians constitute a makeup of smug, self-righteous round-eye racist from the West and Australia.  Note:  The dolphins captured in Taiji are either sold to mariners around the globe, or used for food production where hardly any of the product is wasted. 

Also Sea Shepherd is in the Southern Ocean violating a U.S. Court injunction and harassing the Japanese whalers.  Once again the vast majority of Sea Shepherd’s crew is made up of round-eyed racist from the West and Australia.  Note:  The whales captured the product is used for food production, hardly any waste. 

See the point here?  Japanese using the products capture from the sea for food, no waste to mention.  Now examine the shark fin issue:  Sharks are captured, once on the boat still alive their fins are sliced off.  With no fins and alive the shark is then tossed back into the ocean.  Once in the ocean the finless shark drops to the bottom unable to swim to die a slow, painful, miserable death.  Purely barbaric. 

The majority of this activity takes place in Mexican and Chinese waters- where is Sea Shepherd?  It is obvious the cowards of Sea Shepherd fear going into Mexican and Chinese waters to interfere with this barbarism.  However there is a safer way to interfere that they ignore.  They ignore it because it does not involve Japan and will deprive them of demonstrating their hate for the Japanese people.

Remember a number of the Cove Guardians and Sea Shepherd crewmen are Australian.  In Australia many Chinese restaurants serve SHARK FIN SOUP.  How come these Australian members of Sea Shepherd are not standing in front of these shark fin soup restaurants with their arms crossed in self-righteous condemnation of this barbaric soup?  Simple answer:  They do not hate the Chinese, they only hate the Japanese.  Standing and protesting in front of a Chinese restaurant in no way illustrates their pure evil hate towards the people of Japan.        

Further proof Sea Shepherd’s dual purpose is to manifest their hate for Japan, the Japanese people, and to get suckers / emotional wrecks to part with their money. 

Hate + money = Sea Shepherd

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