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Sea Shepherd supporting Taiji, Japan

Sea Shepherd supporting Taiji, Japan

Currently there are anywhere from twenty to thirty of Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians in Taiji, Japan infesting the area with fleas, tics, lice, bed bugs, and yeast infections.  This infestation is being done hidden behind their stated goal of stopping the dolphin activity in Taiji.  They claim by videoing and photographing what happens to the dolphins it would bring world-wide condemnation upon Taiji and Japan hoping to translate that into a money loss for both. 

The 20 or 30 Cove Guardians are there doing the work 2 or 3 can accomplish.  So with 20 or 30 of them there, they are dropping a lot of money into the local economy:  car rental, gasoline, hotel rooms, and food.  All this is rather expensive for 2 or 3 however now multiply the cost by 20 to 30. 

What is interesting is this year there are more Cove Guardians in Taiji than in years past and also more captured dolphins than in years past.  Huh?  How is that? 

The save the dolphin thugs moan Taiji should stop their dolphin activity and instead promote a dolphin watching tourist industry.  Guess what?  Taiji already has a vibrant dolphin watching tourist industry with 20 to 30 Cove Guardians standing at the water’s edge, arms crossed, watching the dolphins.  Taiji is making plenty of money off the Cove Guardians while making plenty of money from the bountiful dolphin harvest.  The good people of Taiji are enjoying the best of both.  Can we say thanks to the Cove Guardians?  Or how about thanks to one particular Cove Guardian?

Cove Guardian Melissa on her Facebook page claims to be an animal communicator (see link below).  Could it be the bountiful dolphin harvest is due to dolphins from all over the Pacific Ocean swimming to Taiji to hear what Melissa has to communicate to them? 

Could it be Melissa is calling them to Taiji so they can be captured, and Sea Shepherd / Cove Guardians can get graphic, dramatic videos, live-stream, and photographs aimed to tug at the hearts and wallets of emotional wrecks around the world?

In either case the bountiful dolphin capture has to be related to this animal communicator.  How come she does not communicate to the dolphins to swim away from Taiji, or when once caught to jump over the nets?  Simple answer:  No dolphins in Taiji mean no dramatic video and photographs which means no money from suckers around the worlds.         

They live-stream what takes place in Taiji:

There you can view the Cove Guardians behaving with a smug, self-righteous attitude alluding to they are superior to the people of Japan.  The narrator on the live-stream can be heard bemoaning synthetic sympathy for the plight of the dolphins.

The Cove Guardians also post photographs on their Facebook page:

On their Facebook page you can read the pretend pain and suffering these foreigners experience while documenting for the world the dolphin activity in Taiji, Japan.  Their posted descriptions of these photographs are followed by comments of pain and torment, sprinkled with pure hate by their memorized supporters.

On Melissa’s Facebook page she announces she is a:

 “Professional Animal Communicator and Psychic Medium, able to bridge the gap of communications between Humans and Animals and the Living and Deceased.”   

Melissa the animal communicators Facebook page:!/MelissaSehgal/info

By Melissa’s own words she has the ability to communicate with the dolphins. 

The question you should be asking is:  Who is committing the true barbaric activity in Taiji? 
1 – The fishermen of Taiji for capturing the dolphins?
2 – Melissa for not communicating freedom to the dolphins?

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