Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hollywood hates the American South

Hollywood hates the American South

Recently in Michigan, a northern U.S. state) a father visiting his newborn child at a hospital demanded no black (African-American) nurse’s care for his child.  He also displayed a Nazi swastika tattoo.  The hospital complied with his racist demands.

On a New York City (a northern U.S. city) two gay men were attacked for being gay and homophobic slurs were hurled at them during the attack.  New York City Police are searching for the attacker to charge them with a hate crime.

A racist and homophobic activity taking place in the North, the liberal north.  How did that happen?  According to movies recently from Hollywood all the racist, homophobes, and ignorant people live in the South (the Southern states of the United States).

Hollywood (home of pervert thespians) continued attack upon the South can be traced to the South also being known as “the Bible Belt.”  People in the South are not afraid to wear their faith in public (most of whom are Christians).  Any mentioning of Christian faith infuriates the extreme liberals in Hollywood.  Liberals are never satisfied with any accomplishments.  When they succeed in one area they move on to the next.

If these pathetic liberals succeed in marginalizing Christians in the South, the next group on their agenda will be your group, if not next, then after the next one.  Either way if not stopped you too will be targeted.       

Article about the Nazi at the hospital:

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Yes Huahuahua! Yes YESSS! said...

I feel your pain, man. It sucks to be marginalized, especially by the Hollywood elite crowd.
The problem isn't just that they are unfairly representing the bible belt, it is that they have so much influence.

They know nothing of the southern way of life. And they literally feed our addictions to their stupid shows, and sinful pornography, like heinous drug dealers. Then they go chuckle about it, and call *us* twisted or hypocrites. Everybody has their own stuff to deal with- its just they are intentionally making our way of life way worse. They *want* us to be more hypocritical so they can draw false equivalences and claim they are better. I've been to show that they are spreading gayness through our communities recently, and basically have proof. It isn't for the faint hearted though.

Obviously, they are trying to shame Southern men because many of our ancestors were involved in slavery. Well guess what- many northern men were too. Anyway, some hollywooders have been making noise about charts like these: - saying that it is somehow conspicuous that we finally got rid of racial mixing laws around Y2K, and only did so because we picked up an addiction to black men. I'm sure there are some situations like that, but they are few and far between. The idea that we are more gay than most other states and that we have a peculiar attraction to the people we banned from marrying /sleeping with our daughters because we were jealous of the sin of their coupling is laughable. I believe it is that the smutt peddlers themselves are misreporting the numbers in order to make us look bad. They specifically decided on pretending that we have prurient homosexual interest in black men because it would be the most damning and damaging to our self esteem to hear that. I doubt even one proud european southerner has viewed interracial porn. Its against who we are to look at porn in general. Why would we sin 3X, and look at porn that is also gay and also intentionally supports the dilution of our bloodlinses?