Friday, February 1, 2013

Sea Shepherd hunter turn hunted

Sea Shepherd hunter turn hunted   

Sea Shepherd announced they located a Japanese whaling vessel then claimed victory in saving whales and the success of the Zero Tolerance campaign.

Problem:  Sea Shepherd did not locate the Japanese, the Japanese located Sea Shepherd.  Basically the hunter became the hunted.  Cabin Boy’s vessel the Bob Barker who boasted locating the Japanese vessel was chased by the Japanese vessel.  The Bob Barker and the Steve Irwin joined the Sam Simon in the safety of Australian waters.  All feared being followed by the Japanese vessel.  The hunters became the hunted.    

Once the bullies were in the safety of the Australian waters they then claimed Japan was being aggressive (see Sea Shepherd’s lunatic ranting in the link below).  Pope Paul the Watson stated he was on the Steve Irwin to document the campaign.  Does that mean he is in Australian waters without being arrested by the Australian authorities?  Are the Australian authorities ignoring the two INTERPOL arrest warrants?   

Where is the video?  Where are the photographs?  To date Sea Shepherd has produced only one photograph which has not been authenticated.  Either produce photographs and / or videos, or shut up.

What is amazing is the bias Australian News Media reporting this story as fact without any attempt at getting a confirmation.  No need for confirmation because the Australian News Media believes everything his holiness Pope Paul the Watson says. 

Read Sea Shepherd’s own reporting how they ran from the Japanese:

As of this posting Sea Shepherd released this photograph, however it has not been authenticated:

Links to Sea Shepherd boasting they “intercepted” two Japanese whaling vessels:

Link to Texas Daddy store:


Unknown said...

Saving what....932 whales of 1000.
If that's not success I don't know what is!!!!!

Unknown said... long as they're putting pressure on the Japanese and keep getting these results!! ITS FINE WITH ME!!!!

Unknown said...

Well now I hope Sea Shepherd get HUNTED even more next year!!It will mean that they'll get 100% Success!!! or 99% successful!!