Thursday, February 28, 2013

China restaurant sign and a Japanese island

China restaurant sign and a Japanese island

A restaurant in China put up a sign basically stating they will not serve Japanese, Filipinos, Vietnamese and dogs.  The sign read:

“This restaurant does not receive the Japanese, the Philippines, the Vietnamese and dog.”

The causation was due to China’s territorial claims with Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam.  Some are accusing the restaurant owner of being a racist.  Huh?  China, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Japan are all of the same race: Asian. 

Recently Japan discovered Rare Earth Minerals (REE), in the waters off their island 1,148 miles southeast of Japan called Minamitorishima or Minami-tori-shima, or Marcus Island.  Rare Earth minerals are needed for the production of many electronic gadgets.   Given China’s belligerent and lunatic behavior in the past it can be expected the commies will resurrect an ancient map proving the island belongs to China.  They seem to think any territory in the region with natural resources belong to The Middle Kingdom (China).     

There are two group of islands in the South China Sea, the Spratly Islands close to Vietnam, the Philippines, and Malaysia, not China.  Also the Paracel Islands closer to Vietnam (another commie land).  The two groups of islands are claimed simultaneously by Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, and commie-led China. 

Also the Senkaku Islands belonging to Japan are being claimed by the commies in China.

The commies in China claim the islands belong to them because they have old maps drawn up by some past Chinese dynasties showing the islands part of China.

China’s interest in these islands has more to do with oil, gas, and fishing than it does with national integrity.  It is estimated in the Spratly Islands alone there is more oil than in Kuwait.   

The commies only claimed the Senkaku Islands AFTER oil and gas deposits were discovered.  The commies allowed the peasants in China to riot against Japanese business to redirect their hate towards the scapegoat Japan.   The recent belligerent commie behavior was one of a few reasons the conservative party recently won elections in Japan, the LDP – Liberal Democratic Party.   

These are the conflicts of the 21st century we can look forward to with the commies in China initiating and or instigating conflicts.  Will such behavior by the commies lead Japan to revisit Article 9 of their Constitution?

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