Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sea Shepherd BANNED in the Faroe Islands

Sea Shepherd BANNED in the Faroe Islands

Sea Shepherd’s summer campaign in the Faroe Islands was titled “GRINDSTOP 2014.”  The only “stop” that happened was a stop to any success by Sea Shepherd clowns from the floating circus who amused the good people of the Faroe Islands.

The Parliament of the Faroe Islands is about to enact legislation to ban Sea Shepherd and similar circuses from the Faroe Islands.  Read below a message from the Faroe Islands for an explanation.    

The law will ban Sea Shepherd and likeminded clowns from interfering with a Grind (whale harvesting) or with the intent of interfering.  In support penalties will increase and acquire added strength.  Basically Sea Shepherd did not stop the Grind; instead they made the Grind stronger.   

Message from the Faroe Islands through Facebook explaining what happened in the Parliament and the process:

“The Parliament has not yet voted on this law.
What has happened is the opposition in Parliament (the minority) has proposed a law that would ban organization like the SSCS in the Faroe Islands. The Government (the majority) declined this law.
Instead, they have ordered the Minister in charge, to take the proposal by the opposition, make it much stricter and impose much heavier punishments for breaking this law. They ask to have any organization or personnel associated with such, that try to enter the Faroe Islands with the intent to oppose or interfere in LEGAL hunting practices, to be banned from entering Faroese Territory. They also want the Fines to skyrocket, and give the Judge sufficient cause to confiscate any material, equipment and vessels used or merely intended for the use of interfering in legal hunts.
The Parliament approved by 29 Votes in favor and 4 non-votes (out of 33 MP's total!) to order the Minister to have this law ready for the Parliament to vote on no later than May 1st 2015.”

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Sea Shepherd banned in the Faroe Islands

Banned in the Faroe Islands, Sea Shepeherd

Banned and not banned in the Faroe Islands

Sea Shepherd banned in the Faroe Islands

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