Thursday, November 6, 2014

Yellowstone cell service causing busy-bodies to squeal

Yellowstone cell service causing 
busy-bodies to squeal

The park service at Yellowstone National Park is planning to expand internet service within the park.  Recognizing in this 21st century people have a desire to stay connected via the Internet.  Many visiting the park enjoy immediately upload to social media photographs of themselves and the beauty of the park. 

Not so fast!  Self-appointed do-gooders are belly-aching saying when people visit the park they should enjoy the beauty and not be distracted by the Internet.  Liberals are not contented with living the life style they select; they want to select the life style for others. 

A person from the group “Protecting Employees Who Protect Our Environment” – PEER, was quoted as saying,

“This will only help visitors avoid Yellowstone’s natural wonders by keeping their noses buried in ever-present and ever more engrossing devices.” 

So?  What business is that of this group?  How about a little of “MYOB?”  Meaning, “mind your own business.”           

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