Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Japan: safe, litter free and hear the train a coming

Japan: safe, litter free 
hear the train a coming

Japan not only being one of the safest countries it must also be one of the most litter-free countries.  Travel the cities and country side and you will struggle to find a noticeable gathering of litter.  Subway tracks seem to provide an unsightly attraction for litter.  However in Japan this attraction seems to be non-existent. 

Japanese trains are amazing, fast, clean, reliable, and on time.  While at the train station in Osaka a high-speed train (bullet train) arrived from Tokyo.  That train incorporated a robust number of passenger cars.  That train was long enough to wonder if the last car of the train was still in Tokyo when the first reached Osaka.     

In the USA when exiting a convenience store in the Seven-Eleven chain one notices on the door frame a measuring tape.  This allows an employee to provide the height of a thief exiting.  Now exit a Seven-Eleven in Tokyo, you would notice no such tape appear on the door frame.  Tokyo being one of the largest cities in the world is also one of the safest cities in the world.      

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