Thursday, November 13, 2014

Julien Blanc, welcome to Japan

Julien Blanc, welcome to Japan

An American named Julien Blanc created controversy on four continents.  Julien works for Real Social Dynamics as a motivational speaker of sorts, more accurately as a dating expert, if not a self-proclaim pick-up artist.

This person seems to be rather crude in his approach to the subject something akin to a Neanderthal.  Meaning no disrespect to the honest-to-goodness Neanderthal’s out there.  Julien has been thrown out of Australia; the United Kingdom and Canada are considering to deny him entry.  Social media in Japan is alive with a petition to prohibit his entry into the Land of the Rising Sun.

He is reported to have said something to the effect that being a white male in Tokyo makes it easy to pick up Japanese women.  A video reports to show him demonstrating what to do with Japanese women by grabbing them and continues with a vulgar gesture. 

Men pay around $2,000 to attend his conference and hear his socially rejected ideas on man to women relationships and the establishment thereof.  $2,000 for that?  To those poor unfortunate souls who have $2,000 to throw at this side show, here is free advice on how to engage Japanese women to a date or a relationship:

1 - Treat them with honor and respect
2 - Respect their culture
3 - Be honest      
4 - Remain positive
5 - Smile
6 - Be happy

That formula will not only work in Tokyo but in most cities around the world. 

Should this man be banned from entering various nations?  Well that is up to the people and governments of the respective nations.

A suggestion for Japan: Why not allow him to hold his conference with his public paying $2,000?  Then stand outside the entrance to the conference and photograph all who enter and then all who leave.  For this event put the “privacy in public” expectation aside.  Post those photographs on social media announcing they attended Julien Blanc’s conference and let the women who view these photographs decide whether they want to date these men or not.  Let the public decide, much like a free-market idea.

This way freedom of speech and freedom of expression win.  Victory for freedom and the market place.    

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