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Japan, China’s vassal state?

Japan, China’s vassal state?

High level officials in both Japan and China have been negotiating to establish a meeting between the duly elected leader of Japan, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and the gangster dictator of China Xi Jinping.  Mr. Abe a member of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party, and Xi Jinping a member of China’s Communist Party.  

Before such a meeting can take place the Chinese are insisting Prime Minister Abe of Japan no longer visit the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, Japan.  Huh?  Is Japan a vassal state of China’s that the Chinese can dictate to Mr. Abe where he cannot go within his own country?  Answer:  Of course not, the Communist in China are nuts and behaving like the bullies that they are.

The Chinese object to the Yasukuni Shrine because out of the two and one-half million spirits enshrined there since the 1860 of those who served Japan, fourteen are classified as “class A war criminals.  This classification was designated as a result of the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal (International Military Tribunal for the Far East - IMTFE or Tokyo Trials).

After reading who these men were and their official capacities during and before the war one would think this classification is rather dubious.  Please see the link below listing the 14 and note, it is a Chinese website. 

This absurd demand by the Chinese should be replied with one of two ways:

1 - DROP DEAD.  What kind of a nut would think they can dictate to the duly elected executive of a sovereign nation where they cannot go in their own country?  However Prime Minster Abe being the consummate diplomat that he is would never utter such a rude statement.        

Mr. Abe is absolutely brilliant in his foreign policy initiatives.  Future text books written on diplomacy should explore case studies of his diplomatic maneuvering on behalf of Japan.

2 - Since Japan has made no preconditions to the proposed meeting, perhaps a counter to the Yasukuni Shrine vilification should be a demand that Chairman Mao Zedong’s portrait on in Tiananmen Square be removed. 

So the so-called fourteen “class A” war criminal are to be abused, what they are accused of does not surpass Mao’s murder of over thirty million of his own countrymen many through mass starvation.  Chairman Mao (“MM” - Murderous Mao) initiated the Cultural Revolution in China from 1966 through 1976.  Resulting in one and a half million murdered, and millions of others sent off to re-education camps, and lives ruined.  Dump the bum then perhaps talk about the Yasukuni Shrine (the “bum” being Mao).  Mao is also responsible for the Korean Peninsula being divided today. 

Listing the so-called 14 “class A war criminals:”

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