Sunday, November 16, 2014

"Watson the fearless” of Sea Shepherd

"Watson the fearless” of Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd announced an event in Oregon titled “An Evening with Sea Shepherd,” featuring Watson as a “special appearance.”

I posted a video suggesting I might show up at this event to purchase a Sea Shepherd t-shirt from Watson, since his minions in San Diego, California out of fear refused to sell me one.

Days before the event on Watson’s Facelessbook (Facebook) page announced his appearance will be via Skype.  Then the announcement was changed to “via video link.” 

Did the fearless leader of the floating circus fear me, a little old man from Texas?  Some months ago he was schedule to appear at a conference in California, and backed out.  He feared being served papers by Ady Gil.  Since I recently visited Ady Gil in California, did “Watson the Fearless,” fear I would serve him Ady’s papers?

Remember some years ago “Watson the fearless,” boasted he was will to forfeit his freedom to save the lives of whales.  He should have added, “….except if the little man from Texas is in the area.”

Sea Shepherd feared me in Taiji, Japan, the Faroe Islands, San Diego, California, and now in Oregon.  Please remember to donate to Sea Shepherd.  The more money they get the more material I get for these videos.     

Link to earlier video suggesting I may show up in Oregon:
Legal papers for Watson the Fearless?

Watson’s page “participating by Skype” go to the November 12, 2014 entry:

Link to Watson’s special Sea Shepherd event in Oregon:

The event will be at this location:

Please donate to Sea Shepherd helping me with future video material:

Link to Texas Daddy store:
"Watson the Fearless" if Tony is not nearby

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