Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sea Shepherd and their holiness Watson

Sea Shepherd and their holiness Watson

As a result of multiple lawsuits gathered by Watson’s Sea Shepherd activities, the cult group is claiming basically “Watson who?”  The group is trying to claim his holiness has minimal participation, influence.  Really? 

On 15 November, 2014 in Lincoln City, Oregon, at a joint named “The Eventuary,” there will be a Sea Shepherd event.  The name for the event is “An Evening with Sea Shepherd,” featuring Watson as a “special appearance.” 

It is an event perhaps I need to attend to thank Mr. Watson personally.  Due to Sea Shepherd and his activities I have traveled to seven countries and authored six books in Japan.  I went to a Sea Shepherd event in San Diego, California and they refused to sell me a t-shirt.  Perhaps Mr. Watson will be permitted to sell me a t-shirt.   

I came across Sea Shepherd in Taiji, Japan, the Faroe Islands, Paris, and San Diego, so why not in Lincoln City, Oregon?  I am a traveling Tony and Watson needs to be personally thanked by me  - one never knows where Traveling Tony will show up……….. 

Link to Watson’s special Sea Shepherd event in Oregon:

The event will be at this location:

Please donate to Sea Shepherd helping me with future video material:

Link to Texas Daddy store:
Sea Shepherd Paul Watson in Oregon USA

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