Sunday, November 9, 2014

China’s red coral invasion of Japan

China’s red coral invasion of Japan

Over two-hundred fishing boats from China, mainly Fujian Province, have entered Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone - EEZ.  These fishing boats who are looking to turn to poaching are in Japanese waters to take red coral.  Red coral is a highly priced luxury jewelry item in China. 

The Communist government in Beijing, China has outlawed the taking of red coral.  When these poachers snatch up the red coral they do it using unsustainable procedures that destroy the red coral beds.  Basically they are destructive to the oceans environment.

The Japanese government is reluctant to make whole-sale arrest or order them to evacuate the EEZ, because many have not yet broken any laws.  Okay the fishermen want to turn poacher by illegally gathering the red coral.  The Communist government in Beijing, China was well aware of the over two hundred boats who left China for Japan’s EEZ off the Ogasawara Islands.

Never ever trust a Communist.  The Beijing government is using the situation to monitor the reaction and activities of the Japanese authorities, law enforcement, and military.  Some background:  Currently in Hong Kong there is an “umbrella revolution” taking place.  Students and others are demonstrating against Beijing’s attempt to stifle democracy there.

Recently there have been clashes between students and police in Hong Kong, if the situation spreads throughout The Middle Kingdom - China, the government will have to divert the anger from the people in another direction.  What better direction than towards Japan?  This will occur when the Chinese Communist government moves to invade Japan’s Senkaku Islands.

The first wave of the invasion will not be overt military vessels, but hundreds of fishing boats.  Now do you see the relationship between the red coral poachers, their fishing boats, Hong Kong, and the Senkaku Islands?   

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