Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Watson the missing


Look Mr. Watson canceled his planned visit to a Sea Shepherd event for this Saturday in Oregon.  This was after I uploaded a video suggesting I might be there to greet him.  Instead Flea Face will be there.  So if I already have my airline tickets I will still have to fly there to avoid the loss of all that money.  I wonder how much fun it would be to greet Flea Face and see if he would sell me a t-shirt?

It is strange how this brave defender of the seas is fearing a little old man from Texas.  At least there is no such fear in Flea Face.

Watson Facebook note canceling his appearance
Announcing Watson's special appearance before his cancellation
Link to announcement about the event with Watson as making a special appearance:

Video announcing Watson's appearance and my possible attendance:
Watson the unhappy?

Here is the announcement as of October 31, 2014 with Watson as a special appearance:

Now below is the updated on on November 12, 2014 backing down to an appearance by "video link:"

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