Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Watson Japanese whalers in the Faroe Islands?

Watson Japanese whalers in the Faroe Islands?

His Excellency Watson on his Facebook page dated August 20, 2014, he made the following announcement:

“The Despicably Gory Japanese Faroese Bloody Cultural Exchange Program Japanese Whalers To Join in the Grindarap in September.” 

The Faroese whalers seem to be needing some moral support these days and to give them that support they will be getting a visit from some Japanese whalers. Apparently the Japanese whalers want to show the Faroese how to deal with Sea Shepherd, not that they have been having much success themselves considering the recent verdict by the International Court of Justice which has ruled their whaling operations have been unlawful.

The Japanese whalers have asked the Faroese if they can participate in the Grindadrap. They also want to invite some Faroese whalers to come to Japan to kill a few dolphins, you know just for BLEEP* and giggles.

 This will be interesting. How will the Faroese justify Japanese whalers killing pilot whalers as part of their culture?

 That’s a long way to come at great expense to get some whale meat. Of course the real reason for the trip is to indulge in their lust of killing.

 Will the Faroes become the place for psychopaths to come to satisfy their perversions similar to pedophiles heading to Thailand to indulge in their particular nasty fantasy?

 Have the Japanese whalers become so frustrated by being unable to kill all the whales that they wish to travel to the Faroe Islands to indulge in a blood sport?

 Is this the start of a Japanese do it yourself whale kill tourist adventure? Come to the Faroe Islands and get your hands bloodied as you partake in a quaint custom of killing whales with the locals.

 Will the Faroes become the Mecca of every sick whale-killing psychopath on the planet?

 The Japanese whalers are due to arrive on September 4th. They will most likely feel right at home with the waters turning red with blood and the screams of dying cetaceans ringing in their ears.

 They will feel at home with the fact that both the Japanese and the Faroese have the highest levels of methyl-mercury in their bodies. They could have a competition to see whose brains are the most diminished by mercury.”

* = Note:  The “BLEEP” in the above was not in Watson's original writing, it was placed there to replace his potty-mouth language.   

Question to Watson:  Did the Japanese whalers ever show up in the Faroe Islands as you wrote?  Never mind no answer necessary as your book “Earthforce” provides the answer.  On page 43 Watson basically wrote if you do not know it make it up.

Page 43 of “Earthforce:”
“If you do not know an answer, a fact, a statistic, then simply follow the example of an American President, and do as Ronald Raegan did - make it up on the spot and deliver the information confidently and without hesitation.”

Comment:  Here in his book on page 43, Mr. Watson supports telling lies.  That has been evident in many of his writings, interviews, and diatribes.  Reality and truth have no place in this cult and he admits this on page 43 of his book. 

Japanese whalers in the Faroe Islands equal another hallucination by Mr. Watson.  However his minions still believe there truly were Japanese whalers in the Faroe Islands because their cult leader told them so. 

Link to Watson’s Facebook ranting / hallucinations:

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