Friday, December 19, 2008

South Korean lawmakers brawl, God bless them for their passion

In Seoul, South Korea there was a parliamentary brawl over the free trade deal with the favorite villain, the United States of America (USA), not the thugs north of the 38th parallel, North Korea, but the USA.

The opposition party, the Democratic Party wanted to stop the agreement from making to the floor of the National Assembly for a final vote. The opponents say the agreement will hurt South Korean farmers. The Democrats threatened to block the agreement by force, if need be. Thus the governing Grand National Party (GNP) to avoid an attack had the foreign affairs committee barricade themselves inside the room as they met.

Fisticuffs broke outside the rooms door, and then a sledgehammer and crowbars appeared to tear down the doors which were piled up with furniture on the other side. The melee continued. What is telling is this agreement must also be agreed by the U.S. Congress, which seems poised to reject it to protect U.S. automakers.

This video is not to condemn the lawmakers but to praise their passion and demonstration of a true two-party or multiparty system in South Korea. In the USA the two party system is a fa├žade masquerading as a two party system. When it fact it is one corrupt party non-responsive to the people. The government of the people, by the people, and for the people, is a thing of the past in the USA. Americas are too fat and slothful to take an active participate as seen exhibited by South Korean lawmakers.

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