Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Japanese essay by General Tamogami, part two Pearl Harbor

Japanese General Toshio Tamogami of the Japanese Air Force (ASDF Air Self-Defense Force) wrote an essay titled, Was Japan an Aggressor Nation.

In this essay General Tamogami offers the opinion that the actions in Asia during and before World War Two were not due to Japanese aggression and that the attack upon Pearl Harbor, Japan was tricked into it by United States President Franklyn Roosevelt.

This video does not address the Asian aspect of Japanese activities as it does address the Pearl Harbor part of the essay.

This essay caused stern criticism from China and South Korea. It also caused General Tamogami to lose his position. Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso dismissed the General from his position

Please understand this video makes no attempt to address or absolve any nation of atrocities committed during World War Two.

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taka said...

To dear friend of Texas

I am a Japanese.
In your courageous remark, I always feel glad.

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The Japanese Nationality Act was revised in Japan.

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In other words it is a plan a Chinese becomes a Japanese legally and to take over Japan.

In addition, Mafias easily come by human traffic so that it is given any kind of person safe Japanese nationality.

May the world allow to be such a danger?

I was ashamed, but this bill was not told the nation about, and it has been approved in secret.

Unfortunately the Japanese politician is not reliable.

It is a request!
Please tell this fact to the American mass communication!

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From a Japanese loving Japan.