Sunday, December 28, 2008

Japanese whaling urged to gain the public relations initiative from Sea Shepherd

The Japanese whaling fleet in the Antarctic is once again being harassed and rammed by the illegal activities of the ship Steve Irwin operated by Sea Shepherd, Captain Kangaroo, Cabin Boy, and the girly men playing pirates on the icy high seas. Within hours of the incident, Sea Shepherd had about four videos posted on YouTube, while the Japanese had one posted via a third party.

Perhaps the Japanese need to take the public relations initiative and load more videos on YouTube taken from the Japanese fleet clearly demonstrating the illegal activity of Sea Shepherd.

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Nobuyoshi Ozaki said...

Tony, thanks for your warm advice for the Japanese whalers. I spoke with Paul Watson back 1982 by a satellite phone. My DC friend published his lousy book " Rainbow Warriors" and sold its movie right to Warner Brothers. I have known this scummy anti-Japanese whaling group for a long time. There will be no definite solution to stop their punk business except sinking Sea Shepherd in the frigid high seas out there. And it will be delivered eventually. Iseheijiro