Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Israel answers the call placed by Hamas and now the world notices, the CENSORED video

This video was posted yesterday and flagged. Then later in the day it was removed by YouTube who sent me a notification the video violated Community Guidelines. YouTube has every right to establish and enforce standards as it is a private company. The video is reposted however it is censored and choppy. The original video had newspaper headlines from around the word illustrating graphically the situation in Gaza. This may have been a violation of the Community Guidelines, thus was removed. Reference was made to a certain group in the American news media and Hollywood, degrading their intelligence. This reference was removed.

For about a week the Palestinian terrorist organization in Gaza fired about 70 rockets into Israel, and the world was silent. The rockets landed in towns, villages, playgrounds, and murdered one Israeli. Israel answered Hamass call with a bombardment from the Israeli Air Force (IDF). This return defensive fire resulted in over 300 dead in Gaza. Now the world notice and is calling for Israel to halt. Where was this world outcry to stop when Hamas was launching 70 rockets into Israel?

Reading the front pages of the American and world press, one would think the Israeli attack was just for sport. Many have accused the American news media of being dominated by [censored]. However looking at the recent headlines, one has to wonder. True there are many [censored] in the American news media and Hollywood. However these [censored] are not representative of [censored] elsewhere. The [censored] in the American news media and Hollywood are just plain [censored]. To them their liberalism is paramount to their own survival, their national identity, and their heritage. Whereas the [censored] in Israel can appreciate what needs to be done to survive and has not been infected with liberalism to the degree in which it has disabled the United States of America (USA).

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Anonymous said...

Mr TONY how do you do!
I am acting as a Petty officer in the navy of Japan.
Your blog is being always seen, but it'll be study very much.
Now, it is not also others that I was allowed to comment this time.
The incident which threatens the dignity of the mariners, us, occurs in South Korea,
and picking is because I would like you to raise per this affair.
In June, this year, the incident into which a floating crane collides with the tanker
which is offshore at anchor in South Korea, and crude oil flows occurred.
Properly speaking, it is guiltless on the tanker which is at anchor and cannot take a motion,
but the South Korean judicial authorities restrain unfairly the captains of a tanker,
and 1 grade navigation officer Indians,
they torture and are continuing the act which profanes religion.
It is warned that ITF (International Transport Workers Federation) performs the boycott to South Korea to the global organs concerned to this case.
Furthermore, it is asking for intention manifestation of a notice and a protest
to sailors of the address and telephone number of the South Korean embassy in the world as a protest place.

half of the top page of InternationalShipManagers Association "HebeiSpirit judgment is blamed" is supposed
-- 2500 vessels and 125000 crew are showing the intention of fighting with South Korea as comrades.


Global list of Korean Embassies Korean government contacts list

half of the top page of InternationalShipManagers Association
"HebeiSpirit judgment is blamed" is supposed -- 2500 vessels and 125000 crew are showing the intention of fighting with South Korea as comrades.

Furthermore, the shipowner association of a tanker is also aligning with this and the intention of support is shown.
2,900 tankers totalling 236 million dwt, which is 75% of the world's independent tanker fleet

In the blog treating the Harvey spirit problem, the report of Lloyds
which is a global vessel newspaper is taken up also as printing and an insurance company, and this problem is taken up as a very big problem.

India which is a mother country of a captain and a sailor is carrying out very strong protest activities
-- perfect -- social-problem-izing -- the boycott to South Korean products and the boycott of transportation to South Korea have already started.

Moreover, according to the report, the treatment to a captain or a sailor is in the worst situation,
and it is a thing that it is in the situation where it is not allowed to even keep the religious contraindications a meal side and in respect of a life.

The situation in case of an accident


When it explains briefly, it is the incident to which the wire of tagboat and a floating crane went out and collided with selection and an unhappy thing
the prohibition route from which carries out the lower ship of the crew,
the floating crane which disliked the detour pulls to the tanker under anchorage in a harbor, and a ship serves as the shortest distance.
Although the administrator of the port warned the tugboat at this time, though it was regrettable, he was nobody at radio.


The image in case of an accident. It seems that the tanker side crew took a photograph.

File photo shows Robert Bishop, CEO of British ship management company V.Ships,
speaking at a press conference in Hong Kong.


4:06 / 8:18 GPS animation draw. Position change of a crane barge tugboat tanker.


The hole (plurality) tanker nationality of a ship dug by the ships side with the crane is Hong Kong.

It is a reason for having told the captain and sailor of the tanker under anchorage imprisonment as the ability to have done
when he thought that the tanker which there is no power and a crane cannot avoid and by which power therefore shines just should avoid the floating crane,
and he would avoid it as a result of the trial of South Korea.
Responsibility was forced on the tanker which is at anchor in the regular position in response to directions of the port authorities.
As for this, sailors are protesting as an impossible trial.
Usually, it is supposed that move preparation of the very large crude carrier under anchorage will take several [ at least ] hours.
It could be called very inappreciative and mysterious judgment even if it says from the point.

Usually, the wreck at sea is to be judged by a marine accident inquiry based on the basis of an international treaty,
and a fixed rule. When the judgment from which it deviated to this is issued,
the sailor of an international vessel cannot operate in comfort.
Therefore, while protesting against the judgment which South Korea issued, the international coordinated movement is developed.

I want to obtain a comment very much about this incident. Thank you for your consideration.