Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas lights and crucifixes verboten in the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom (UK) the housing association in South Shields in the South Tyneside Homes, notified a member that their outside display of Christmas lights had to be removed. It was said these lights were offensive to non-Christians. However the non-Christians in the Association, the Hindus, Chinese, and Muslims all said they were not offended by the lights and found them entertaining. The Home Association then had to rescind their edict to remove the lights. In actuality it was not the non-Christians who were offended; it was the political correct Christian bashers who were offended.

Also in the United Kingdom (England, Britain, etc) in East Sussex, the HMP Lewis Prison banned the use of a crucifix in the prison chapel. Instead a cross has to be used on a removable alter. While footbaths were added for Muslims to use before entering to pray. It was said the crucifix was offensive to Muslims. Why not remove all the empthy Christian Churches throughout the United Kingdom as not to offend non-Christians?

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