Thursday, December 11, 2008

Greek Riots, communist inspired and instigated

Cities across Greece have been subject to rioters led by antiracist and communist. The rioters gained momentum after the tragic killing of a 15 year old protestors. The police have been accused of this and one policeman has been charged with murder, while another Greek policeman charged as an accomplice. The ballistic report on the incident show the young man was killed as a result of the ricochet of the bullet.

These rioters are part of a group of youngsters from upper middle class to well-to-d families not only in Greece, but all across Europe. The riots have spread too many major cities throughout the European Union. The common thread here is the communist who are instigating these riots. Now they are calling for the resignation of the current government in Greece. Rather than change governments in a peaceful election, these commies provoke the uninformed young anarchist who are happy to be exploited.

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