Thursday, December 11, 2008

Greek Riots, a fearsome lot easily repulsed

Cities across Greece have been subject to rioters led by antiracist and communist. The rioters gained momentum after the tragic killing of a 15 year old protestors. The police have been accused of this and one policeman has been charged with murder, while another Greek policeman charged as an accomplice. The authorities have yet to release the ballistic report on the incident.

In the Greek city of Patras a human waive of protestors formed a human wall approaching police lines in an attempt at intimidation. All the police had to do was turn on some water hoses, and the rioters ran like the wicked witch in The Wizard of Oz when she melted from water.

These rioters should take their lesions from the South Korean demonstrators in Seoul. When the people in Seoul were protesting the importation of USA beef. The police turned the water cannons on them; however the demonstrators were prepared with rain coats and umbrellas and continued their push towards the police lines. Or perhaps some lesions from the protestors in Bangkok, Thailand. They just walked in mass to the Bangkok Airport and sat down smiling (Land of Smiles LOS). This shut down the airport and virtually paralyzed the nation and brought down the prime minister, the goal of the demonstrators. No damage, just smiles. Then there were the Japanese demonstrators in Tokyo, Japan who while marching in protest obeyed the traffic laws and respectful pedestrians.

This video is a look at riots.
An analysis of the Greek riots will follow in a subsequent video

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