Saturday, December 13, 2008

Japanese besmirched with a racist comment in a UK newspaper

A newspaper in the United Kingdom (UK) called the Sunday Mail used a popular racist term for Japan in a headline. The headline was an article about Japans whaling activities. It seems like within the Common Wealth it is okay to use a racist term in reference to Japan when writing about whale hunting. Earlier this year the Australian newspaper, The Daily Telegraph used the same racist term in reference to Japan in an article about whale hunting.

Both these instances were located on the respective newspapers websites. What makes this especially interesting is that this happened in the United Kingdom. It is known if one defames a certain popular religion in the Middle East, a person can be charged legally in the UK. If one speaks ill against a certain sexual orientation, a person can be charged legally in the UK. However when it comes to the nation of Japan, no such protection is enjoyed in the United Kingdom.


Unknown said...


I saw your many videos. I'm a Italian-American like you. Unfortunately I have to live in Italy because of family ties. How do I get a hold of you on your email? We don't like Anti-Americanism coming from Europe, we have no control of that, but I want to report who and from where it is being populated from some journalist who represents a newspaper in Italy and he has constantly encourged slurs, etc against America, he encourages it from his blog pages that are coming from Washington, DC. This guy is effectively a terrorist in words. I think this guy should be shut-up! How dare an Italian newspaper set up a journalist in Washington to help slur America, we don't have an American journalist in Italy to help slur Italy. PS, I used to work for American NATO forces, but had a lot to do with the Italain sectors of it. It' not nice!

Tony aka: PropagandaBuster said...

Hello Victor,

For some reason I am unable to respond to youogYes, I would love to know the name of this Italian journalist in American and the name of the news organization he works for and the link to his blog. That would be rather interesting to look into.

When you wrote, “unfortunately I have to live in Italy…” That seems a bit curious. Because many of us in America of Italian heritage would think that to be a dream to come true. Is it perhaps you miss the good ‘ol USA? Or maybe Italy is like New York City, where people say New York City is a great place to visit, but you would not want to live there.

Thanks for your comment I look forward to hearing from you. I usually to not correspond via this blog much. Much of it takes place on my YouTube channel listed under, “PropagandaBuster.” You can message me via YouTube if you have an account there. I rather not leave my email address here for all to see.

- Tony -