Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Guantanamo Bay a Caribbean vacation resort for terrorist

The United States of America (USA), in its war on terror, encountered enemy combatants in Afghanistan and Iraq. These people, who want to slit your throat, wore no uniforms, represented no nation, just a desire to hate and murder.

In an attempt to isolate these thugs from civilized people, the USA awarded these bums with a Caribbean vacation in Cuba, the U.S. base, Guantanamo Bay, better known as Gitmo. At this resort they are provided with food, attire, and religious observances with respect to their native culture. They are afforded exercise equipment, clothing, and beautiful women guards. Remember now, these are non-US citizens, who desire to slit your throat.

In the U.S. state of Arizona, in Maricopa County, the countys detention facilities are operated by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Sheriff houses these U.S. citizen detainees in the desert in tents. They wear pink underwear, pink shirts, and stripe pants. They are not fed the food such as is fed to the detainees at Gitmo, they are fed baloney sandwiches.

In The Dallas Morning News it was reported that some European nations are considering to cooperate with the incoming Obama administration and allow the Gitmo vacationing terrorist to enter Europe. Great reward for the vacationing terrorist, now they will be rewarded with a European vacation.

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