Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fat German troops in Afghanistan on orders not to shoot first

The British newspaper The Daily Mail has a website called Mail Online. On their website they had two articles concerning German, Deutschland troops serving with NATO in Afghanistan.

The first article berates the German troops as being fat, lazy, and drinking beer. It seems the German troops per the article do not exercise as much as their counterpart troops from the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Also the Germans, their federal army Bundeswehr, showed they lived on beer and sausages while shunning fruit and vegetables.

The article claimed the Germans in 2007 while in northern Afghanistan drank 1.7 million pints of beer and 90,000 bottles of wine. Also in the first six months of this year downed 896,000 pints of beer. This for a force of about 3,500 troops. The article also claimed, .allegation from a senior officer that Germany is failing its main mission to train the Afghan police. He described the efforts as miserable failure. Since 2001, 28 German soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan.

Another article appearing on the website reports a notorious Taliban leader was captured by the German troops. The bum Taliban escaped from the Germans, who did not fire their weapons at the escaping Taliban bum. Had any of the German soldiers hit him and he died, the soldier could have been brought up on murder charges. The Germans are under orders not to use lethal force first. Meaning they must be fired upon first before using their weapons.

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