Friday, December 26, 2008

Holocaust expunged from some schools in the United Kingdom

Reported twice in a British newspaper online, the Daily Mail, in 2007 and 2008, the expunging of history in some schools in the UK. No longer will students be taught about the Holocaust because during such teachings anti-Semitic remarks are made and the teaching might offend Muslims. So rather than teach sensitivity and the historical fact that the Holocaust did happen, the schools in England are avoiding the controversy to maintain political correctness due to their liberalism and editing history.

In their same attempt not to offend they will also eliminate any reference to the Crusades for fear of also offending Muslims. Perhaps the United Kingdom may want to remove any crosses and crucifixes from their empty churches as not to offend non-Christians. What happened to John Bull in the UK?

Americans need to pay attention to what is happening to their friends across the pond. Because the rot that is infesting the UK and the rest of Europe will creep across the waters to the United States of America (USA). This is a clear example where Americans need to block political correctness exposes its repressive ideology. Political correctness is a clear demonstration of liberalism is a mental disorder. Political correctness (PC), has its origins in Joseph Stalins Evil Empire (Soviet Union, USSR, Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics). This was done to eliminate any political opposition, must as it is practiced today in Europe (EU) and the USA.

As a YouTuber commented on another video, quoting a teacher in reference to political correctness: ..trying to be politically correct is like picking up the clean end of a turd.

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