Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Australian camel steaks on your dinner plate saves the environment

Two websites belonging to two British newspapers in the United Kingdom (where else would a British newspaper be but in the UK?), reported about the wild camel situation in Australia, Down-under where they are Waltzing with Matilda.

Upon reading the articles one discovers that larges herd of wild camels in the world are in the outback of Australia numbering around one million. The claim is these wild camels are causing damage to the environment and contributing to global warming. The global warming charges come from the methane gas emitted by camels from ends, flatulence and belching. What ever happened to autos and SUVs being the main villain? The plan is to slaughter up to 400,000 of these animals. Rather than leave the carcass rotting in the outback, they would like to butcher the meat and serve it to Australians to eat as an alternative to beef. Stating that camel meat is leaner, and healthier. An earlier plan to convince Australians to eat kangaroo meat met with failure and wonder if this camel meat will meet the same faith.

What is peculiar here is the people who want others to eat camel meat and kangaroo meat have no problem telling Japan they should not eat whale meat. Oh, so one argues camels and kangaroos are plentiful, while whales are not. Really? Who are what determines what is plentiful? Did the camels and kangaroos get to vote on that?

When beavers take down trees in forest, the tree huggers claim that is okay because that is nature. However camels stampeding in the outback is not natures way but must be eliminated. The same claim can be made hunting whales is natures way because many claim humans are animals.

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