Friday, December 5, 2008

Japans fish market Tsukiji located in Tokyo bans tourist

People all over the world love the Japanese meal sushi. As a result of this popularity, the fish auction market in Tokyo known as Tsukiji, has become a tourist magnet. Because fish from this market is shipped to restaurants all around the world who want to serve authentic sushi.

The tourist walk around the dead fish, pose for photos and touch the fish with their dirty hands thus creating unsanitary conditions. Most disturbing of all is when the auction is taking place, the tourist are flashing their cameras making it difficult for the auctioneer to determine who in the crowd just placed a bid.

As a result of bad and inconsiderate behavior by tourist, there will now be a ban in this market by all tourists. Not just foreign tourist, also Japanese tourist. Apparently only those who have business in the market will be allowed entry. This will be done for a trail period of about two months. Which at the end of this period the ban will be reassessed.

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Nobuyoshi Ozaki said...

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