Friday, April 22, 2016

U.S Navy women uniforms Why I Love Japan

U.S Navy women uniforms Why I Love Japan

The United States Navy announced they will be issuing the same uniforms as men notably the iconic men’s sailor cap euphemistically referred to as a “Dixie cup.”  In the USA “gender neutrality” has infected the military services.  Due to political correctness the idea that there is no difference between genders is being forced upon the nation. 

Women in the USA feel they can only achieve parity with men if they dress as men in roles once dominated by males.  In essence women surrender their womanhood in 21st century USA.

Now travel west across the Pacific Ocean to the land of the “Rising Sun” – Japan.  In Nihon (Japan) women enjoy the same opportunities as men.  In the military the class A uniform the women do not surrender their womanhood as they embrace it.  They dress like traditional women as they celebrate their gender while enjoying the same benefits of both.       

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