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Hey Japan, how about some freedom of the press???

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Hey Japan, 
how about some freedom of the press???

There was a recent press conference in Tokyo at the Foreign Correspondence Club of Japan (FCCP).  The press conference was with a Mr. David Kaye.  Mr. Kaye is with the United Nations Human Rights Committee in the capacity of “UN Special Rapporteur.” 

At this press conference Mr. Kaye expressed the following concerns in reference to Japan:

1 – Freedom of the press, government interference

2 – Freedom of expression suffers under government scrutiny.

Freedom of the Press in Japan:  Mr. David Kaye conducted a news conference in Tokyo (which is Japan) with a room full of correspondents from Japanese news organizations.  Subsequently Mr. Kaye’s concerns were reported throughout Japan.  How’s that?  You read that correctly.

Complaining the Japanese government hinders a free press in Japan is reported by the hindered press throughout Japan.  That press conference and the report of it in essence canceled any concern in reference of a free press facing government oppression. 

Freedom of expression suffers under government scrutiny:  Really?  Mr. Kaye is with the United Nations Human Rights Committee.  Recently this Committee has admonished the government of Japan for allowing too much freedom of expression.  Was Mr. Kaye unaware of what the Committee he represents request of Japan?

The UN Human Rights Committee is demanding Japan enact legislation to make hate speech illegal.  By suppressing hate speech it also suppresses freedom of expression.  Speaking is a form of expression.  Having to tolerate hate speech is a price a free people are willing to pay in order to maintain freedom of speech and by extension freedom of expression.

While Mr. David Kay was in Japan critical of freedom of the press and freedom of expression, did he also express those concerns in the capitals of the following governments?

-          North Korea

-          Vietnam

-          Iran

-          China

-          Myanmar

-          Cuba

Those fore mentioned countries are listed among the ten worse nations regarding freedom of the press.  See a link below to a website that list the ten worse countries for a free press and you will notice Japan is not among the top ten.  Yet with this Mr. Kaye felt it necessary to question Japan.   

This is an excellent example of why many believe the United Nations is worthless and has outlived their ignored mission.       

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