Friday, April 22, 2016

Sea Shepherd red lined in the Faroe Islands?

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Sea Shepherd red lined in the Faroe Islands?

The Parliament of the Faroe Islands will be considering legislation to “red line” Sea Shepherd.  The legislation would place an imaginary red line encompassing the Faroe Islands prohibiting Sea Shepherd’s rust-bucket garbage scows from entering Faroese waters. 

This is another failure of Sea Shepherd in their supposed mission to save cosplay Watson’s clients, whales and dolphins.  This cult group has a miserable record in the Faroe Islands in reference to saving whales from being harvested.  The only success Sea Shepherd’s disposable minions have had in the Faroe Islands was to provide free entertainment for the people. 

Another failure of the floating circus (Sea Shepherd) was their notable absence from the Southern Ocean to interdict the Japanese whaling fleet.  Because of this absence the Japanese whalers were able to meet their quota of captured whales.

This organization is noted for their numerous failures and yet the minions continue to donate.  Minions please continue to fund Sea Shepherd’s failures for the three following reasons:

1 – Cosplay criminal Watson needs the money to continue living his luxurious lifestyle in Paris, France.
2 – Ady Gil of California has pending lawsuits against Sea Shepherd and money will be needed to pay possible judgements against Watson’s group.
3 – By keeping Sea Shepherd afloat it provides endless material for these videos.

To the minions:  Domo arigato gozaimasu.

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