Friday, April 22, 2016

Japan is missing that word again……

Japan is missing that word again……

Japan was hit with two earthquakes two days in a row.  Reading the news reports or listening news broadcast the one word you will not read or hear is “looting.”  To many people in Japan that word is incomprehensible. 

We have seen in the USA in many cases after a natural disaster the bottom feeders crawl out of the sewers and start their savage rampage of looting. 

The good that comes after a natural disaster in Japan is the Japanese people demonstrate to the rest of the world how a civilized people behave.  The problem with Japan is they are a civilized people living on a planet inhabited by barbarians.

Of course it did not take long for the save-the-dolphin, anti-whaling barbarians to show their ugly heads.  One such creep wrote on the Prime Minister of Japan’s Facebook page the following:

“Earthquake close to another nuclear plant remind the World of Japan’s criminal lack of Ecological Civilization and our Fukushima Relief Aid going to spruce up Japan’s illegal whaling fleet.  Sorry, unfortunate Japanese citizens but no help from me this time.”

The person who left the hate riddled message is from Denmark and is a fervent supporter of Sea Shepherd and displays her anti-whaling, and save-the-dolphin passion.   Love for sea creatures while hating the Japanese.  

Why I Love Japan.  
 Pray for Japan.

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