Friday, April 22, 2016

God saved what bureaucrats destroyed

God saved what bureaucrats destroyed  

My water billed tripled if not quadrupled resulting in the destruction of both my lawns.  As a result of this massive increase the lawns now only get watered when God does it.

So what happened?  The city bureaucrats signed a water contract with the bureaucrats at the water district that supplies water to this region of Texas.  The contract stated the city would be responsible for consuming a minimum amount of water.

Then a severe drought hit Texas and in order to preserve water the city issued strict water restrictions.  Instead of watering four or five times a month I watered once or twice.  Watering once or twice the water bill was as high as if I watered four or five times.  Why?

Because the water district demanded per the contract the city continues to pay for the water not used to meet the “minimum” agreed upon in the contract.  Do not these bureaucrats live in Texas and realize droughts do happen?  How come there was no clause in the contract taking into consideration the eventuality of a drought? 

As a result the water bills will remain high up till the year 2020.  Thus the green lawns will be dependent upon God’s watering schedule.  

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