Friday, April 22, 2016

Tiger killed but no blame

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Tiger killed but no blame

Recently in a Florida zoo a Malayan tiger killed a zoo keeper.  However according to an article by The Associated Press reprinted in The Dallas Morning news the tiger is blameless for the killing.

The article reports in part:

“Konwiser was killed Friday by a 13-year-old male tiger….”

Further in the article:

“There has never been blame assigned to the wild Malayan tiger involved in this deadly incident.”

The tiger killed but is not to be blamed.  Huh?  The beast is still at the zoo on display.  How come the wild beast was not put down?  Easy answer:

-          Political Correctness

-          Animal Rights

-          Liberalism

Time was in the USA when a beast killed a human it was put down.  Reason being once it kills a human it will continue.  Tennessee in 1916 an elephant killed its’ trainer.  The elephant was hanged using an industrial crane.     

However in twenty-first politically correct America no one is held accountable for their behavior be they human or beast. 

This happened at the Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society where Stacy Konwiser was killed by the blameless tiger.

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