Friday, April 22, 2016

Dinner with Paul Watson

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Dinner with Paul Watson

Sea Shepherd is looking for $150,000 seed money to start filming a movie about their cult with a title “Defend – Conserve – Protect.”  Of course the movie will vilify Watson’s favorite nation of Japan and the Japanese people.  Hate Japan?  Then support this movie.

The fund raising site lists a number of “perks” for those who contribute various amounts of money.  One of the “perks” is dinner with criminal cult leader cosplay Paul Watson.  Here in part is how the “perk” reads:

“… intimate dinner with the legendary Captain Paul Watson in France.  This is the opportunity of a life-time.  This perk must be scheduled in advance and subject to film production dates, and Paul Watson’s schedule.  It doesn’t include expenses, airfares or accommodation, but it does include dinner, drinks, and a huge amount of fun and tales of wild adventure.”

“Captain Paul Watson?  How about: Cosplay Paul Watson? 

Link to site where you can donate $5,000 to have dinner with the criminal in France:

Watson’s Facebook plea for money to start the movie:

Cosplay Watson’s Facelessbook page where he is bemoaning eco-terrorism:

FBI article about Sea Shepherd and eco-terrorism, see the sixth paragraph:

Please donate to Sea Shepherd:

Link to photographs of Watson in his cosplay costume at a previous what seems to be a costume party:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

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