Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fun with Watson

Was the criminal cult leader promoted? 

Recently the leader of the cult group Sea Shepherd attended what seems to have been a costume party.  He arrived with his wife wearing a naval costume with excessive stripes suggesting he was promoted from a pretend captain to a pretend admiral.

Watson at what seems to be a costume party

Watson's new uniform (photo on right) suggest a self-promotion from pretend captain to pretend admiral
Watson's previous costume identified on Faebook


Unknown said...

Mr. Watson seems to have changed the misrepresentation to Admiral from a captain.
Rivalry to a Adm.Tony.
No one supports him like Tony Admiral.

Bender "Bending" Rodriguez said...

Please ask Mr. Watson what is the symbolism of those stripes , on real marine officer's coats . Thank you .

Unknown said...

We love you Tony!!