Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Trump for President. Why?

Trump for President.  Why?

Donald Trump (euphemistically referred to as “The Donald”) announced he is seeking the Republican nomination to run for President of the United States of America.

Really?  Yep The Donald entered the race.  No question about Mr. Trump’s love for America and his patriotism.  It is in that love he is running, not so much to win the election as oppose to bringing to the forefront topics American’s care about but ignored by the Republican Party leadership.

A vote for Hillary Rotten Clinton (Bill’s wife) is out of the question for responsible Americans.  Figuratively would rather commit hara-kiri with a Faroese whaling knife than vote for Bill’s wife.

Why is Donald Trump resonating with many Americans and drawing record crowds?  Three simple reasons:

1 – He is not a politician.  Americans are disgusted with politicians when running for office promise what they will do if elected, then when elected totally ignore those promises.  Mr. Trump has a record of following through on his word.

2 – There is nothing politically correct about him and we love it.  The nation is sick of political correctness intimidation.  Mr. Trump refuses to be intimidated by the Political Correct Police.

3 – He refuses to be bullied by the bias news media.  Too many politicians in the past allowed themselves to be bullied by the news media.  Donald Trump has stood up to media bullying.
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