Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sea Shepherd and whales tagged in the Faroe Islands

Sea Shepherd and whales tagged 
in the Faroe Islands

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Recently some whales were detained in the Faroe Islands to be tagged.  Tagging wild creatures in the sea or on land is a world-wide wild life management practice.  The tagging of the whales will enable the Faroese scientists to monitor the migratory patterns of the whales and establish sustainability numbers. 

This tagging provides the disposable minions of Sea Shepherd an opportunity to get arrested to the delight of the criminal cult leader enjoying a luxurious life in Paris, France.  While Sea Shepherd has been in the Faroe Islands this summer over 400 whales were harvested for free food for the inhabitants.  During  this harvesting Sea Shepherd was not successful in getting one whale spared the faith of the Faroese whaling knife. 

Hey, hey girly-men how many whales did you save today?  Zero, zip, nadda.     

Three of Sea Shepherd’s disposable land team minions were arrested today during this tagging in the Faroe Islands. That will make about 15 disposable minions arrested this summer with over 400 whales harvested.  So what did Sea Shepherd accomplish in the Faroe Islands by getting their disposable minions arrested?  How many whales were saved? 

Their accomplishment was to gain money donations for their criminal cult leader enjoying the good life in Paris, France, while zero whales have been saved.  The behavior of the disposable land team in the Faroe Islands is classic cult-like.  They throw themselves to be arrested while their criminal leader resides miles away in safety.  He tells them to do this to save whales when no whales are being saved.  The mindless disposable minions are too mindless to assess the situation.  They are being thrown in jail while their cult leader is on the run from being in jail himself.  He tells them it is honorable to be arrested on behalf of his clients the whales while he is wanted on two continents and jumped bail from Germany.

Background to understanding the Sea Shepherd caste system:  The elites (muckety-mucks) serve on the vessels (rust bucket garbage scows) while the lowest level of their caste system, the minions, suckers are regulated to the disposable “land team.”  The sucker minions on the land team are there to serve as fodder to raise money for the criminal cult leader.  Their goal in the Faroe Islands is to engage in sensationalism by getting arrested to gain the attention of world-wide news media and emotional wrecks to donate money. 

Each time a Grind (whale harvesting) had taken place this summer in the Faroe Islands, Sea Shepherd’s vessels the Bridgette Bardot and Sam Simon sailed out of Faroese waters to avoid arrest.  Remember the elites serve on the vessels while the trash are thrown to be part of the disposable land team. 

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Sea Shepherd disposable minion arrested

Whales being tagged in the Faroe Islands

Sea Shepherd disposable minions arrested

Sea Shepherd disposable minions arrested

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