Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sea Shepherd Speak no English, Cabin Boy overboard

Sea Shepherd Speak no English, 
Cabin Boy overboard

Sea Shepherd’s Disposable Seven has one in their group from Corsica, France.  He is Xavier Figarella and was arrested in the Faroe Islands along with six other Sea Shepherd minions.  While attending court in the Faroe Islands, the court session was held in the Danish language.  The authorities provided each of Sea Shepherd’s Disposable Seven an English translator.  It is reported Sea Shepherd defendant Xavier Figarella stated he does not understand English.  Huh?

In a Sea Shepherd video Xavier Figarella is seen speaking good English (see link below).  Does that mean he can speak English but does not “understand English?”  Or perhaps Mr. Figarella was struck with amnesia when he entered the courtroom.  Being a good minion it could be possible he read the criminal leader’s book 1993 “Earthforce,” where on page 43 he advocates telling lies by writing, “make it up.”     

Background to understanding the Sea Shepherd caste system:  The elites (muckety-mucks) serve on the vessels (rust bucket garbage scows) while the lowest level of their caste system, the minions, suckers are regulated to the disposable “land team.”  The sucker minions on the land team are there to serve as fodder to raise money for the criminal cult leader.  Their goal in the Faroe Islands is to engage in sensationalism by getting arrested to gain the attention of world-wide news media and emotional wrecks to donate money. 

Cabin Boy / Peter Helmethead once the pretend captain of the rust bucket garbage scow Bob Barker was missing.  The Bob Barker sailed from Germany with a new pretend captain, while Cabin Boy was left behind on the ground.  Has he been thrown overboard from the elite vessel crew to the disposable land team?  Is Cabin Boy now a member of the lowest Sea Shepherd caste system, the land team?

Article where one of Sea Shepherd’s Disposable Seven (Xavier Figarella) while in court claims he does not understand English.  The article is in Faroese, however midway down the English questions is in English:

Xavier Figarella video speaking English before he claimed in a Faroese court he did not speak English:

Cabin Boy in Germany: 

Criminal cult leader writings about Sea Shepherd’s Disposable Seven:

Link to criminal Watson’s hysterical ranting?

Link to Sea Shepherd’s website to donate money:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

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